Amanda | Tibble Fork Senior Portraits

Miss Amanda here is graduating from BYU this April! I've been lucky enough to be her roommate for the past year, AND LET ME TELL YA she's an amazing person. She's so much fun and always up for an adventure! We decided to spend a few hours exploring the nearby canyons, and ended up at Tibble Fork. 


Tibble Fork is a serene lake lined with majestic evergreens, quietly tucked away just a few minutes up American Fork canyon. When we arrived, clouds were blocking the sun and bringing out the brillant aqua hues of the lake (which went beautifully with Amanda's mint cardigan!). I'm usually a huge fan of black and white, but I had a hard time taking the color out of any of these photos because it was just THAT GREAT! I just couldn't get over those yummy jewel tones.


So I would definitely recommend heading up to Tibble Creek if you're looking for a quiet, beautiful place to explore. Amanda and I had a blast laughing together and enjoying the fantastic scenery, and got some pretty great photos out of it too!

A successful trip, I'd say! :)

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