Hallie & Cameron | Manti Temple Wedding

I was so excited when Hallie asked me to photograph her wedding! She married the brother of one of my good friends, Melea, whose wedding I did back in January. I met her and Cameron at Melea's wedding, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with this wonderful family again! 


I drove down to Manti with Melea the night before the wedding to the rental house we were all staying in. All the guys were headed out to play glow in the dark golf, and I was like, "Hey! I got nothin going on!" So I piled in the truck with all the guys, not really thinking things through. It didn't occur to me right away that only the guys were going... And it was the night before the wedding...

Oops. Well hey, every bachelor party needs a girl right?? Haha so that was a little embarrassing when I figured that out. But they were totally cool about it! And glow in the dark golf was pretty awesome. I was also pretty terrible.

The next morning I got to hang out with Melea's brothers. And guess what! We totally found a walnut tree in the front yard, and the boys quickly mastered the art of walnut cracking. They even got a few out in one piece! I was thoroughly impressed. We ended up with a good amount of walnuts by the time we were finished. Yes, they were quite tasty.

Porter: "I've been doing this for 20 minutes and I'm already a pro! Guys I'd be such a good slave!!" 

These guys crack me up. (AH!! Haha that wasn't even on purpose)

Can I just say that the Manti Temple is one of the most beautiful?? You drive into Manti, a cute and quaint little town, and then BAM! You see this enormous pioneer-style building perched regally atop a hill overlooking the entire town. I think it was the perfect setting for Hallie & Cameron's slightly vintage-inspired wedding.

Hallie's dress was made by her mother-in-law! Yep that's right, the same amazing woman who made Melea's dress. It's a 1950's-inspired beauty for sure, complete with vintage shoes Hallie went to great lengths to find. I was kind of amazed. New bucket list item: learn to sew.

We had a lot of fun exploring the grounds of the Manti Temple. From the pioneer architecture to the quiet evergreen grove, you can get a lot of variety without going very far. 

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