Ciara | Pleasant Grove Senior Portraits

I was so excited to do Ciara's senior portraits! You might think she's a model, and that's because she totally is. I had THE hardest time picking out my favorites to share!

I spent some time looking around for the perfect location for Ciara's senior portraits. And... I found the CUTEST little house built in the 1890s. I thought it matched her look perfectly, and she definitely rocked it.

Besides being insanely gorgeous, Ciara's got an incredible talent! She's another one of those amazing ballroom dancers. And she's REAL good too- I've seen her compete! She's already landed herself a spot on the BYU Ballroom team. Can't wait to see her around next year!

This cute little house also had an awesome interior. I found a nice little staircase with some gorgeous moody window light. 

So guess what else? Even with all the time she spends dancing, Ciara's graduating early! Wow. I'm so impressed with this girl. Talk about an overachiever. She just said she's just excited to move on to the next thing in her life :) Amen to that!

It was about this time it started raining. But Ciara wasn't phased! She was like "I love the rain!" That's what I'm talking about! Nothing's stopping her! So we kept going, and I'm super glad we did. Rain does gorgeous things to colors.

I'm sort of in love with lilacs. We had a bunch outside my house growing up, and smell like HEAVEN.

Ciara was unbelievably natural in front of the camera. I admire her confidence and love of being herself! Her laugh is so contagious and real, you can't help but join in!

This girl's got ambition, and the drive to follow through with her passions. I'm SO excited to see the amazing things she does! (She's done a lot of amazing things already...)

I love senior portraits because they allow me to get to know someone at such a defining moment in their life! I'd love to find out what makes you awesome as you set out on this next stage in your life! Documenting this adventure with photos is one of my very favorite things! So if you think we'd be a good match for your senior portraits, go ahead and contact me! Or if you'd like to see more of my work first, check out my portrait gallery. Hope to hear from you soon!


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