Provo Local Restaurant Review: Black Sheep Cafe

I'm reallllly excited about this new series I'm going to be doing! I'm going to be finding local restaurants, vendors, bands, events, adventures etc., and reviewing them right here on my blog for you guys to see. Exciting right??

I love food and the experience of eating out. Well who doesn't? But... Some restaurants are better than others. With my food expeditions, my goal is to find the best of the best, take my camera, and write a little review so you guys can check it out!

So up first on menu is the Black Sheep Cafe, located right off Center Street and University Avenue in Provo, Utah. 

Utah-hipster-things-to-do in provo Black Sheep Cafe

My good friend Nathan joined me on my excursion to the cafe. Since I was going to be taking pictures, I asked the host if we could have a table by the window. When he told us it would be about a 15 minute wait for a window seat, I told him we'd be willing to wait. He was so nice about it and didn't even give me a funny look. (I get those a lot...)

So Nathan and I went outside and took a few pictures, then came back in about 10 or so minutes later. The host saw us come in, and walked up to us all sneaky-like. He motioned inconspicuously to the guys still sitting in our desired window seat, clearly done with their meal and just talking.

"Any minute now," He whispered to us.

It was so funny, it was almost like he was on a secret mission to get a window table for us. I loved how this guy wasn't afraid to just be himself around us, not all professional and stiff business-like. I genuinely felt like he was a friend and willing to do anything to make our experience a good one.

Eventually the guys left, and Nathan and I got a table next to a pretty little window with a nice view of Downtown Provo.


You know me... I can't help but do some portraits if I have the opportunity. Nathan was just looking so dapper!


Okay, this stuff is amazing. It's worth coming here just for that! 

Our waitress was super knowledgable about everything, which I really appreciated. There's nothing worse than asking your waitress a question about the menu, and she's like "Well... yeah, I've heard it's good. Everything here's really good." Not helpful. Our waitress told us that she used to have to juice the prickly pears herself, which was super time consuming and tiring, but now they source it out to a company who does it for them. However they do it, it's some delightful stuff.

We ordered some sweet potato fries- can't ever go wrong with those! We were not disappointed! They were seasoned to perfection and cut nice and thick. Couldn't get enough of these.


The Black Sheep Cafe serves contemporary Southwestern Native American foods. It has all your basic things like soups, salads, and meat, all Native American style. Lots of things to choose from, and sure to fill you up! Nathan and I were so full by the end, and took some to-go boxes.

We got a Navajo Taco and some Beef Stew with Green Chile to split. It was so delicious and satisfying. Like home-cooked meal feel-good-and-warm-inside status. And I didn't feel heavy and gross after eating it! Sometimes food does that to you, you know? I might add that the food was really pretty too :)

The prices weren't bad either. It's definitely not cheap, but worth the extra money.

^The stew comes with that delicious bread for dipping. Yay!

The atmosphere here was super great too. It felt alive and invigorating, but laid-back at the same time. Most of the guests were young and energetic, and having a great time with friends. Everyone was laughing and talking together, and the staff was joking around with each other and smiling as they made the food. I felt so welcome and at home there- it felt like a family. It's a great environment for a date or an outing with friends. 

Our waiter labeled our boxes all cutesy, and sent us off like we were old friends. Best date ever.

Um... New favorite restaurant. You seriously need to check it out sometime! You'll be sure to impress a date and have a fantastic experience. You can thank me later when you're engaged. Heyyyy... I can help there too :)

So what do you think? Do you like this new blog idea I have? Do you have any suggestions for things I should cover? Your favorite local things to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks guys, you're the best :)


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