Abroad: Belgium | Travel Photographer

On our way to Belgium, we stopped in a small town called Amiens, which is home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

I remember learning about the Amiens cathedral and thinking, “Wow, that looks really big. I wonder what it would be like to walk inside something like that.” I didn’t know if I’d ever actually do it. But wow, when I did, I discovered how little I realized before.

I walked into Amiens and was instantly blown away. The walls were so impossibly high, topped with elegant windows from which a heavenly light cascaded throughout the cathedral. It was so still and peaceful. It was then I realized why our ancestors spent hundreds of years building these giant buildings. It wasn’t for the love of art, or to show their own craftsmanship (usually). It was so create a space so glorious and celestial that just being inside it would bring you closer to God. What a worthy pursuit. I felt so peaceful there, and the Spirit was strong. No picture could ever capture what it was like to stand inside that masterpiece.


Our first stop in Belgium was a medieval town called Bruges. It looked like it should be a village in Disneyland or something, it was such a fairytale. It used to be rich from lace and chocolate exports, but stopped growing and has basically stayed the same since medieval times. It was a beautiful place to explore.

This town was impossibly photogenic. Everywhere I turned was a perfect postcard shot. Also, the waffles are killer, obviously.

We rented some bikes and found ourselves way out in a rural area. That's the way to see Bruges, I would submit. It was so peaceful and quiet out there. I loved it. 

Next up was Brussels, the capitol of Belgium. I'll be honest, that city made me a little nervous, but you know, travel in packs and you're fine.

The highlight of our visit was this amazing Thai place in this fun little square, recommended to me by a friend from Brussels. It was delicious.

Coming up next: England!!