Dane + McKay | Wedding at The Bungalow

 This summer I had the pleasure of being a part of an amazing couple's special day. I was dance partners for a competition with Dane (I feel like that's how I know everyone, right??) and he and McKay asked me to do their wedding photos! Needless to say, I was STOKED to be their photographer.

It was a beautiful and hot August day up in the mountains at the Draper Temple- what a spectacular location for a wedding! 

Dane and McKay were so full of energy and smiles the whole day; the were crazy happy and excited, and not afraid to show it. It's so fun when couples are super stoked about the biggest day of their lives.

These two lovebirds met playing sand volleyball. Cute right?? McKay says she was won over by his charm, and he was impressed by her mad volleyball skills. They started dating, and soon knew they wanted to be together forever. Fairytale, man.

Gosh. These two are SO adorable together.

Even better, their personalities are just dynamite together. Dane is a super solid, grounded guy and is so warm and friendly to everyone. McKay is so spunky and lively, and makes you instantly feel like a friend. And man... do they love each other.

The reception was held at The Bungalow in Pleasant Grove. What a lovely place!! It was a beautifully set, quaint little garden space with a gazebo and plenty of room for dancing. The golden sunlight filtered through the rich green trees and cast a lovely glow over the whole scene.

We had lots of fun with the bridal party photos, everyone had so much energy! These guys know how to party.

Guests were served CREPES! Can't go wrong there. I heartily approve. Everyone was all over those.

They also had an adorable little candy bar for guests to scoop their own take-home boxes. Needless to say, it was a big hit with the kids.

They also had a live singer the whole night= classy. I'm a huge fan.

When it came time to cut the cake, all the guests gathered around expectantly. Everyone was wondering if Dane and McKay were going to play nice, or shove cake into each other's faces. McKay said "So we had a really long discussion about what we were going to do... And didn't come to a conclusion. So... We'll see how this goes!"

And... They ended up going for it. 

Okay, the dances are always my favorite part of the night. The daddy-daughter dance is such a tender moment, it gets me every time. And I'm usually not the only one.

Like I said, I'm never the only one getting all emotional.

And the mother-son dance is always so sweet!

And of course, the couple's first dance is always such a happy moment. These two lovebirds get to dance together for the very first time as husband and wife- the first of many happy dances together :)

And then it was time to get down to business.

Haha, I loved how into the bouquet toss these girls were!

The dancing featured an absolutely beautiful duet; I'm a sucker for live music. And I love being able to see everyone at the wedding interacting and having a good time together. It's exciting to see all the happiness and love the guests have not only for the bride and groom, but for each other as well.

The night ended with a proper sendoff just after the sun set. Exciting stuff!!

Well, there you have it! The beginning of Dane & McKay's new life together. I felt so lucky to be a part of this magical day, and wish them an eternity of happiness together!

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