Fall Outdoorsy Mountain Engagement Inspiration

So I met Jordan and Bailey at The Velour one night!

We were at a concert enjoying some super chill music. (The May Reunion and Claire Elise, if you're curious)  I thought they were super adorable and asked them if they'd like to model for me. We put together a little camping/hiking/outdoorsy-people-in-love shoot up in the mountains, and had lots of fun in the Fall-to-Winter transitional weather in all its glory, up by Mt. Timpanogos.

This little lantern is one of my favorite props! My parents have had it sitting in their garage my whole life and I steal it for photo shoots all the time. I thought it was a great addition to this outdoorsy shoot.

Well... I feel like I have to tell this story, even though it's super awkward.

Actually I have to tell this story because it's super awkward. 

So that night at the Velour, I had seen Jordan and Bailey and decided I wanted to ask them to model for me. But as soon as the concert was over, they got up and headed for the door. I jumped up to intercept them, but Bailey got away. I managed to stop Jordan, and they seemed like they were in a hurry so I tried to be quick. 

"Hey! I'm a photographer..." Blah blah blah... I felt super awkward because I could see Bailey looking back at us wondering what the heck was going on. I realized it totally looked like I was asking for his number.


Later Bailey told me that that's exactly what she thought, and was thinking "What the heck is she doing?? We're clearly together." My date, Marshall, noticed what was going on and stepped closer to me to ease her worries. But it just made her more confused "Maybe he's her brother...?"

To make things even more exciting, Jordan decided to tell Bailey that I had asked for his number. And he didn't tell her what had actually happened for five minutes!! GREAT. Bailey hated me for the first five minutes she knew me. Oh well, we're all good now :)

Jordan and Bailey were so much fun. I loved getting to know them and capture a bit of their love for each other. Even though they're not technically engagements... They're still in love and it's beautiful :)

Ah! I love it :)

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