Lexi | West Lake Senior Portraits

Wow! Lexi here is a girl on fire! 

Lexi and I met for her senior portrait session on Provo Center Street, and we became fast friends. Lexi is so happy and full of energy, it's impossible not to immediately like her! This urban location perfectly fits her style.

I'm amazed at all the things this girl does. First of all, she's a competitive and highly successful ballroom dancer. Being a ballroom dancer myself, I know the crazy amounts of time you have to dedicate to it!! (And let's be honest, she's a lot more hardcore than I am.) She even competes way more than I do- she does Latin, Standard, and Smooth, and WINS ALL OF THEM. I'm blown away by how well this girl moves. 

On top of ballroom, Lexi also competes in track. Holy cow right?? Both are so physically demanding, and she sure has the body to show it!! I'm just sayin... Lexi's sure got the legs of a sprinter. And those arms!! Haha I may be just a little bit jealous.

I was so impressed with Lexi's go-getter attitude. Talking to her, I could see the strong inner drive she has for success. This is a girl who's going to get what she wants! And you better believe she's going to work hard to get it! Lexi was up for anything I had in mind, and was so excited to try new things with me. 

Lexi may be a hard worker, but she's a hard partier too! This girl knows how to have a good time! Her infectious laugh at my feeble jokes made this session SO much fun. She's the kind of girl you want by your side on a night out!

I'm so happy I got the chance to spend some time getting to know Lexi while documenting some of what makes her so awesome. Senior portrait sessions are great like that! As we got more comfortable with each other as the session went on, we were able to work together to create some magic :)

I'm telling you, this girl's going places.

So you think a senior portrait session with me would be awesome? Um... Me too! I'd be stoked out of my mind to get to discover all the amazing things about you! And we'll get some pretty sweet pictures out of it to. Go ahead and contact me to book your senior portrait session! Or if you want to see more senior portraits I've done, feel free to check out my gallery first. I can't wait to hear from you!