My Brand New Referral Program!

Wedding photographer referral program Sarah Wight

You read that right.

 Say you worked with me, and LOVED the experience. Well, if you tell your friends how great it was, and one of them decides to book a session with me, you'll BOTH get $20 toward a session. You can use your credit toward a future session, or you can order professional fine art prints through me. And trust me, those prints are delicious.

So what if you haven't had a session with me, but love my work? No worries! If you get a friend to book with you, you'll both get $20 off your session. Seniors, I'm looking at you.

Sweet deal right? It's my way of thanking you for helping my business grow. Just make sure to let your friend know to tell me who sent them, and you'll get the credit once they've paid for their session. There's no limit on how much credit you can earn, so keep those referrals a'comin!