Meriam + Tucker | Provo Canyon Engagement Photos

So these two.

I've been SO STOKED about their relationship ever since they started dating... They are just so perfect together. Needless to say, I was overjoyed when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. Next stop...!

The mountains, obviously.

We headed up to one of my favorite little places by Timpanogos, back when it wasn't freezing and there were still a few leaves on the trees. It was actually super duper nice. And of course... a trip with these two is never dull.

So I knew both Meriam and Tucker before they started dating, and honestly, I had never put the two together in my mind. But once they started dating and I was around them together, it was like "of course you're meant to be!!" They have such a good balance together. Tucker is super witty and always making jokes and making you feel relaxed and comfortable; Meriam is SUPER sweet, always on top of things, and making sure everything is done right. Oh, and she's got that SPICY red hair ;)

At the beginning of the session, and even before, they both kept telling me how scared they were and how awkward they always look in pictures.

Believe me, I hear it all the time.

And it's okay! My job isn't just to tell people to do something cute while I point my lens at them and fire away- the most important part of photography is getting your subjects to relax and feel comfortable. I need to let them know that they can be themselves around me. And that's when the magic happens :)

Haha, like I said, Tucker is SO funny. His specific brand of quick, witty humor I find especially amusing. I appreciated his remarks all evening, and obviously Meriam did too!

And that's a wrap! Another amazing evening in the outdoors with a beautiful couple in love. I simply cannot wait for their wedding this December!

If you're in love with the outdoors and also in love with a pretty cool person, I'd love to do you wedding photos for you! Take a look at some more of my work, or go ahead and contact me to see if I'm available for your date! Can't wait to hear from you :)