Wally + Cynthia | Salt Lake Secret Proposal Photographer

This weekend I had the AMAZING opportunity to be a secret photographer for an incredibly sweet and romantic proposal.

Wally took his girlfriend, Cynthia, out to her favorite restaurant, and then to the place they'd gone on their first date for dessert. Then he brought her back to his sister's house, where the family had set the mood with a warm fire, flickering candles, and twinkling string lights. It was a warm, relaxing summer night accompanied by the soothing sound of crickets and a gentle breeze.

I arrived early, helping the family set everything up in a way to facilitate the photos. I searched high and low for a good sniper position where I could get a good view of the couple without them noticing me. It was no easy task. Eventually I settled on the top of the playground, and Wally's sister Lindsay brought out a couch cushion for me to hide behind. It sounds ridiculous, but it was dark enough that it wasn't even visible. I felt pretty stealthy. However, the darkness did present a bit of a challenge. It was a bit of a struggle, but my lens and camera were able to handle it alright.

Suddenly they got a text that the couple had arrived, and everyone rushed into position. I ducked down and waited, adrenaline pumping. I felt like I was on a high-stakes secret mission all of a sudden.

Because I was.

Wally and Cynthia settled onto the swing, and wow was it romantic. I was SO afraid to snap those first few photos- I was sure they would hear my shutter, and I didn't want to ruin the moment! But I somehow got up the courage to peak my lens over my hiding place and take a few photos, and they didn't seem to notice.

Wally had his nieces and nephew bring out flowers, pictures, and letters he had written for Cynthia. It was so sweet. I felt so lucky to be able to record such a tender moment.

And there it is, folks. I got butterflies.

Afterwards, the family told Wally and Cynthia where I had been hiding the whole time. They were SO surprised! I was relieved. Mission accomplished :)

We decided to do a few more photos while I was there. Seriously such an adorable family.

I had a blast spending the evening with this fun family! They were so welcoming and made me feel at home even though I was a complete stranger. The night was full of jokes and laughs, and I drove home feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Salt Lake Romantic Secret Proposal Photos

Well Wally and Cynthia, it was a pleasure. Best wishes to you two! Have a blast the rest of your lives together :)

I absolutely love photographing proposals. It's such a tender emotional and life-changing moment in a relationship, and I think it's important to have that memory recorded to look back on forever. If you're interested in having me photograph your proposal, don't hesitate to let me know! Hope to hear from you soon.