5 reasons to get your senior portraits done in the Fall.

Utah Senior Pictures Daybreak Lake Fall

So I love doing high school senior portraits. Seriously, they're one of my favorite things to do. But every year, I'm a little disappointed that more seniors don't utilize the beautiful Fall season for their portrait session.

I've thought about why this could be, and honestly, I think it's just because as you begin your senior year, senior portraits just aren't really on your radar yet. You're working on rocking your last year of high school, and don't think about portraits until a few weeks before graduation- "Crap! I gotta send those announcements out!" And a kind of photographic frenzy ensues. You scramble to find a photographer you like, book a session, wait to get the photos back, rush them to get printed, and send out announcements like a crazy person. Trust me, it's exactly what happened with me, and it's certainly less than ideal. So in order to save you the same fate, I've compiled a list of reasons why I think you should get your senior portraits done in this lovely season of autumn.

You're welcome :)

Utah Country Fall Farm Senior Portraits

1. FALL COLORS, obviously. Trees coming alive in a blaze of vibrant colors always make a stunning backdrop. Early Spring (when you'd want to be getting them done so you'll have enough time to send out announcements) can sometimes be pretty brown and dead still.

Utah Alpine Loop Fall Colors

2. The weather is generally much more pleasant in the Fall. Cool and crisp, with that earthy Fall smell, you know? :) Spring can often be pretty risky with rain and even SNOW storms out of nowhere. Even if it's not stormy during your session, soggy slushy ground is often a problem.

Utah Valley Urban Senior Portraits

3. Spring gets really busy at the end of the school year when you're graduating. Getting your senior portraits done early gives you one less thing to worry about during the mad dash to get your announcements out. Trust me, it's no fun to be rushing photos from the photographer to be printed, shoving them all in envelopes and hurriedly sending them out to friends and family before it's too late. The whole experience will be much more relaxed and manageable if you give yourself plenty of time.

Senior Beauty Glamour Portraits

4. Most people don't think about doing senior portraits until Spring, so photographers get booked full pretty quickly! If you're set on getting a certain photographer you love, you could run the risk of not being able to get a session with them. And you wouldn't want that.

Utah Wheeler Farm Senior Portraits Autumn

5. If you get your senior portraits in the Fall, you'll have beautiful, professional photos of yourself to use and show off all year long! Applications, auditions... Facebook... You know. If you're going to get them done anyway, why wait all those months?

Utah Senior Pictures Horse Cowboy

Well I hope I've been able to enlighten you a bit on the subject of Fall senior portraits. I really think this time of year is PRIME senior portrait season, and hopefully you see why.

Have I convinced you to get your senior portraits done this Fall? Yay! If you like my style, you can get more info on my sessions, or contact me straight away.

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So question for you: When do you want to get your senior portraits done? Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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