Silver Lake | Utah Photography Location

Big Cottonwood Canyon has a special place in my heart.

My extended family owns a cabin up there, and I have fond childhood memories of exploring the trails, imagining epic adventures, and enjoying the fresh mountain air. I got to go up and play a couple weeks ago.

Big Cottonwood Canyon also happens to be one of my FAVORITE places for photo sessions. There's so much variety up there, from mountain meadows, to red rock cliffs, to a secluded boardwalk-clad lake. Said lake is called Silver Lake, and it's a gold mine for photos. I love doing portraits up there!

And if you're looking for a new place to explore, this place is fantastic. There are tons of awesome hikes, like the ones to Twin Lake, Lake Mary, and Lake Solitude. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out before summer is over.

Utah Silver Lake Big cottonwood canyon

You know me... I can't resist doing some portraits when the light is yummy :) Besides, my sister was having a really good hair day.

Those colors!! I'm dying.

The hike up to this overlook is just gorgeous. You get to walk through a dreamy forest of aspens. When I was little, I called it "Fairy Grove" because it felt magical at sunset.

My silly sisters :)

This time of year, there's tons of wildflowers all over the place. They're lovely!

Wildlife is plentiful as well! We always see some little guys running around. Those little Bambi's are adorable.

Well, convinced you need some portraits up by Silver Lake? I sure am! If you'd like, check out some more of my work, or contact me straight away! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Keep exploring!!


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