Stew + Danyelle | Albion Basin Mountain Engagements

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to present for your visual delight Danyelle and Stew's engagement photos!

Man. These two.

Many of you know Stew is my ballroom dance partner of over two years. And that's a long time for a ballroom partnership at our level! Being partners means we spend A LOT of time together, and have grown really close over the years. We've had our moments of celebration, our disagreements, and times where we just can't handle each other anymore. But I'm happy to call him one of my best friends.

And Danyelle is such a solid girl. She's so good for Stew in so many ways, and together they make a great team. I've spent my fair share of time third-wheeling with them, and it's not even awkward :)

I had the amazing privilege of being a secret photographer for their proposal, so you should probably check that out too.

Utah Albion Basin Mountain Engagement Picture

The evening started off just as any experience with Stew will...

We explored downtown Salt Lake City a bit, starting with the library and heading over to the capitol building. Boy is that place cool looking! All grandiose and imposing at the top of a huge hill... My school had prom there. NBD.

So, Stew has a talent for making people laugh. He's got a quirky sense of humor that I really appreciate. To make things even better, he laughs often and whole-heartedly, making it impossible not to join in. We were all making each other laugh this entire shoot, and it made for a good time :)

You know, the city is cool. I love the city. There are lots of things to do and see, lots of variety. There's so much fun, vibrant energy. You can do lots of cool pictures in the city, and I've loved a lot of the shoots I've done there.

But those mountains though...

Something about being in the mountains pulls out the artist in me, and I just get in the ZONE. Nature is my muse, I suppose.

We drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the famous (and rightly so) Albion Basin. Okay, this place looks like it just dropped right out of heaven and into my backyard. The view is absolutely breathtaking. The wildflowers this time of year dot the meadows with bright splashes of color and fill the air with their light fragrance. The pine trees are a delicious deep green and serve as a lovely backdrop, and the aspens add slender breaths of bright white to the scene.

Guys. It was the coolest.

The wildflowers up here this time of year are incredible. They're the reason it gets super crowded around this time... But it's so worth it.

Even though I'm kinda third-wheeling it most of the time during engagement sessions, it never feels that way. I'm never worried that I'm awkwardly there while they're having fun being together. I'm totally focused on capturing their best moments together- it's all about the couple and their relationship.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate Stew's mosquito-swatting skills.

I'm telling you, this place is like a dream. I highly recommend it for all of your romantic needs.

Danyelle is such a champ. Stew can be quite the handful. Just so you know, I'm choosing not to include the manyyy photos like the above one we got that day.

I'm so impressed with Danyelle's good natured-ness in putting up with Stew's antics and loving him for it. She's got a good head on her shoulders, and compliments him perfectly. 

Ah... I'm a big fan of these next ones. Dream date right there.

What you DON'T know from these pictures is that right about here, Danyelle spotted a spider crawling on her. She flew to her feet screaming as Stew swiped it off her. It took a few minutes of calming down before we were ready to go again... Haha. And then right after that, we discovered like a million ants crawling all over me!! I sorta flipped out and Stew helped me brush them all off. I was jumpy the rest of the night. But hey, we got the photos.

Utah Mountain Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Photos-1-2.jpg

You know, engagement sessions are awesome. 

Relationships are hard work. I've known these two throughout their relationship, and let me tell you, they haven't had it easy. But they stuck with it, loved each other, and here they are. I'm sooo happy I got to be here to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their life together. Here's to making love work :)

Are you engaged to the love of your life and thinking you might want me to document your adventures together? Hooray! Go ahead and find out more info, or get in touch with me right away.

Keep exploring!



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