Roommate Pictures at Tibble Fork Reservior

We've only been meaning to do roommate pictures since spring.

Well, after lots of scheduling difficulties, we barely missed the fall leaves. Blast.

Lucky for us, one Sunday morning the stars aligned and we were all free! We were worried because the weather was pretty stormy, and were devastated at the thought of having to re-schedule. We had stayed up for HOURS the night before mixing and matching our wardrobes, after all. (Very few of us are wearing all our own clothes...) Anyway, we decided to go ahead and try despite the weather.

Boy am I glad we did!!

American Fork Canyon in the winter

American Fork Canyon turned out to be so terrifyingly beautiful after the snowstorm the night before. I was just so happy to be there.

Wow, so these girls. I've had the pleasure of getting to know some of them on a very personal level for over a year now. We've been through a lot together, and have become the best of friends. I've never felt so at home at my apartment. I come home from a long stressful day and know I have five supportive friends who understand me. A safe place where I can be myself. 

Every one of these girls beautiful in every sense of the word. I am so grateful to every one of them for the unconditional love and selfless service they give to me every day. I couldn't do this crazy college thing without them.

And of course we couldn't stay serious for long. (I blame Lauren...)

We got tired of trying to smile nice... It was feeling a little not like ourselves. We decided to do a few fun ones just for kicks, and ended up doing wayyy more of those! When we went through the pictures later to decide what to put on our wall, we unanimously agreed this was the one that we wanted hung up to see everyday.

It's a beaut ;) And it's on our wall.

Our lovely psuedo-roommate, Korey, came along to click the shutter for us. She was living with us at one point, (I'll spare you the long story) but ended up moving next door. Man, we love her! It was so great to have her along, it made the experience that much more fun and crazy.

American Fork Canyon Winter Portraits

See what I mean about how beautiful they are?? I'm so lucky.

What a fantastic adventure we had up in the mountains together! Here's to many more to come ;)

So don't think just because it's getting cold outside that you can't get any portraits done! The Utah mountains are craaaazy beautiful in the snow, and there are plenty of prime places to go if you're up for an adventure. Check out some more of my work, or contact me straight away to book a session! Hope to hear from you soon.