My secret proposal photographer mission

 Once upon a time, Stew decided to propose to his girlfriend.

Lucky for me, he asked me to be a secret photographer so they'd have precious photos of this SUPER EXCITING and beautiful moment. Stew has been my ballroom dance partner for over 2 years, and I consider him one of my best friends. I've seen the ups and downs he and Danyelle have had, and I'm unbelievably happy that things finally came together for them.

Stew asked Danyelle to meet him at this park near her house. It had a FANTASTIC view, and it was quiet as the sun was setting. 

They talked for a minute, and then Stew got down on one knee. No beating around the bush, really. 

It was such a simple, quiet, and beautiful moment. Nothing fancy, just their love for each other.

Meanwhile, I was laying down in the sagebrush a little ways away trying my best to stay hidden. Unfortunately, the weeds in front of me were blocking my camera while I was laying down, so I had to hold myself in a half sit up position this ENTIRE time. Good thing I have abs of STEEEEEL...

Stew pointed me out, just chillin in the shrubs, and Danyelle so surprised, "Sarah!!" She hadn't seen me.

Oh yeah. Mission accomplished.

I must say, Stew picked a good spot.

Afterwards, I sat and talked with them for a while. Danyelle said she'd totally seen it coming, which Stew was fine with. He hadn't tried to make it a big surprise.

They were so relaxed together. Stew observed that things didn't really feel different. It was just the natural next stage in their relationship. They have been dating for a while, after all.

Afterwards, we celebrated with Taco Tuesday fish tacos. YAY TACOS.

I'm so happy I got to capture this special moment for Stew and Danyelle. They'll have these photos for the rest of the lives together to look back on, and THAT makes me love what I do. Preserving memories man!!

Sold on having a secret photographer for your proposal? I would be SO STOKED to be able to capture that beautiful moment for you. Go ahead and contact me!

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Keep exploring y'all ;)

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