Teddy + Amber | Utah Winter Cafe Engagements

I know Teddy from ballroom, (shocker, I know) and was super stoked when he told me he was planning on proposing, and wanted me to be their photographer. It's a nice plus of being a wedding photographer- you get to know the exciting news before everyone else ;)

Despite the surprisingly balmy weather we've been having lately, a few weeks ago when we did these engagements, it was rather bitterly cold. So in a last-minute back-up decision, we decided to do a few photos at a nearby cafe before heading up into the mountains. That way Teddy & Amber got a good mix of warm and cozy photos in with the brisk mountain air ones.

So Teddy is a super funny guy. He's got the style of a classy gentlemen, and the wit to go with it! He always has the whole class and instructor laughing during ballroom. Along with that, he's an incredible ballroom dancer.

And Amber is such a perfect compliment to him. She's warm-hearted and kind, soft-spoken and compassionate. She was so sweet and open to letting me be a part of her and Teddy's relationship for an evening.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with these two amazing people and get to know them a little bit better. I'm glad I was able to give them some photographs to remember this exciting time.

Okay I'll admit, it was FAH-REEZING up there. Teddy and Amber were such champs for braving the cold, and we still managed to come out with some great photos.

So if you're getting married soon and looking for someone to tag along and get some great photos of you two, let's talk! I'd love to give you some meaningful photos to look back on for the rest of forever :)

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