Jill | Utah Winter Outdoor Senior Pictures


Please excuse my recent absence. I swear things have been crazy around here.

But anyways! I just got to do some awesome college senior pictures I want to tell you guys about.

So this is Jill. She's graduating from Utah State this April!

We've had many a good girl's camp together. From the times she freaked me out in snipe hunting, to the time we all dyed our hair neon colors, to the time she threw me off of a jet ski, we've built some pretty solid memories together, I'd say.

We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is basically my favorite. Seriously, that place is a GOLD MINE for photos. We had a bit of an issue with the ridiculously deep snow, but it's cool. A small price to pay.

Um, baaaaabe.

After graduating high school, Jill and I went our separate ways. This shoot was the perfect excuse for us to get back together and catch up. It was so wonderful to see her again! She's going on to great things, I tell you.

And also I'm in love with her bling.

Well, it sure is coming up on senior portrait season! Graduation is going to come up quicker than you think. And I'm leaving THE COUNTRY the first week of May. No big. More on that later.

So anyway, you're going to want to book your senior pictures soon! I mean, only if you want me to do them of course. Hope to hear from you soon!

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